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Sehyun Kim grew up in Orange County. He came to America with his family when he was 4 years old and soon became assimilated as part of the American culture and community. In elementary school his activities consisted of Little League Baseball, cartoons, video games, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards, playing with neighborhood children, making trouble at school and going to New Life Mission Church. In high school he became interested in music- specifically guitar, skate boarding, wrestling and the youth church community. He even went on a mission trips to Mexico.

Sehyun has always been someone who loved life. He is now focused on his undergraduate degree. He said, “ In my 1st year I focused on academics and preparing for the future, and was able to get an internship at Waypoint Homes in April of 2013. I also started attending Sarang Community Church in Anaheim, where my love for God exploded in awesome ways and where I met some of the most wonderful people I’ve come to know and love.  During the first quarter of his second year, life was still “normal.” After the quarter ended, he was enjoying winter break working and spending time with friends and family.

However, everything changed soon after that. He started noticing bruises on his body and decided to go to the Student Health Center. They sent him to ER, a marrow biopsy revealed that he had ITP. In spite of some treatment and minor progress, things were not looking good. He came down with pneumonia and the H1N1 virus and soon after that he was told that he had aplastic anemia and would require a bone marrow transplant, from matched marrow donor, to survive.

As his only brother is not a match for Sehyun, he needs an unrelated donor to have a potentially life saving bone marrow transplant. Currently, Sehyun needs blood transfusions regularly to live. He says, “ all I know is that God has a perfect plan for my life and I have to trust that. I hope that I can find a match soon, but more so, I’ve been trying to focus on using this as an opportunity to give what I can and help others while I’m still capable.”

Would you help Sehyun and many others like him? Register to be marrow donor. Call Joshua Cho at A3M (888) 236 4673, for more information.  To be a donor you have to be between the ages of 18 and 44 and in general good health. You can register at a live drive by filling out a consent form and giving cheek cell samples.


Upcoming drive schedule:

3/21   11:30-15:00 pm, BCD Tofu House

3/22   11:30-19:00 pm, BCD Tofu House

3/23   08:30-15:30 pm, Sarang Community Church

3/29   09:00-17:00 pm, Pomona College(Edmunds Ballroom)

4/05   07:00-10:30 pm, LA Sinfonietta Concert (Zipper Hall)

5/04         TBA              Miracleland Baptist Church


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