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[Epoch Times, January 9, 2013 in Los Angeles] A health-conscious cuisine in New York three times invited are the same in which I tasted Korean tofu delicious lunch. New friends in Los Angeles has been invited by the popular pound soft tofu pot, the tender fried fish, BBQ beef plate, and a variety of side dishes once again put on the table and put the meal when the waitress small pot pot rice dish up the dish, all familiar with the feeling that I confirmed that this is a shop, the BCD name impression at the moment it deep in mind in the brain-BCD tofu. The original BCD tofu is Los Angeles headquarters, the development of the 17 branches in New York, New Jersey, North America.

Tofu main meals spread throughout the the world carefully oriented selection of tofu as one of the main meal, is the founder and president of Hee Sook Lee. At first, she did not choose Korean cold noodles choice of tofu, she thinks tofu is rich in calcium, iron, minerals, and fat-free. She insisted that the selection of the anti-nutrient nutrition vegetarian promote metabolism, Americans are beginning to cognitive health benefits of tofu. According to the introduction, the the BCD offers eleven kinds of package options, and different flavor characteristics steak, shrimp, dumplings, ham, vegetables, soft tofu pot nine barbecued steaks, pork chops, chicken and crabmeat ten . Other branches restaurant the same package, side dishes based on local ingredients have their own characteristics.

Lee Hee-sook Description BCD tofu shop development success secret is concerned about the intentions of (care), although soft tofu tasty and healthy, but cooking tofu extra carefully. BCD tofu shop is the first customer individually cooked on a hot plate of rice. The tofu shop restaurant guests are often long queues, BCD adhere to one of the guests in fresh box of rice. BCD tofu shop has grown to 17 stores in the United States, Japan, South Korea, more than 300 employees, the BCD tofu shop According to the Marketing Director Han Shengzhu, the South Korean government elected the overseas one thousand Korean restaurant in the top 40, the flagship restaurant. Lee Hee-sook, Korean women record the BCD ToFu Lee Hee-sook immigrants to the United States in 1989, because Pomu noodles shop operating in South Korea, she has little experience of operating a restaurant. She confirmed that the future than cold noodles tofu more prevalent in 1996, she founded the first company in the United States BCD shop. Initially faced with the difficulty of not just operating a restaurant, as well as apply for a restaurant license requires the preparation of the instruments. Because the United States is not about Korean food, their understanding of Korean food storage technology, preparation and cooking temperature regulation is difficult. There are cultural differences, the more difficult is the language barrier. However, by virtue of indomitable perseverance, Lee Hee-sook finally through all the formalities, started to operate the BCD tofu shop.

About five o’clock every day, Lee Hee-sook to buy tofu and ingredients of the day, the inventory daily recipes goods sent to the restaurant with the chefs, but also to hurry back home to send his two sons to school. After a busy lunch, she would go to school son to pick up. For many years, she assumed a full-time manager and a full-time mother working two jobs. Ten months after the first restaurant opened, Lee Hee-sook has opened a second store.

The BCD soft tofu organic fresh deformation According to the Marketing Director Han Shengzhu, the North Wharf hole soft tofu, organic tofu, in line with the United States USDA certified fresh without deformation. When the the tender tofu pot of red sauce soup and serve, the few long tentacles even the head prawns extended bowl outside, plus vain fresh tofu, looks can be described as a kind of visual enjoyment. While the waitress had just served the hot soup still rolling when playing a raw egg go stir into the soup delicious taste, fresh, spicy, United States, stimulate enjoyable taste in the mouth instantly concurrent color fragrant overflows. The tofu pot can be transferred into a spicy, hot, extra hot taste can be adjusted upon taste.

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